Colourpop // Yay or nay?

Hey guys. I’m still trying to figure out a good posting schedule so bare with me!

Today I will be talking about Colourpop! Mainly how I feel about the brand, and a review. I’ve owned some of their stuff for a while so it’s about time I do a review! Is it worth the money? Keep reading to find out (;

Let’s start with their supershock eyeshadows. I own 8 of them, and I don’t really reach for them. Of course they work best with your finger but who wants to use their finger every time? The Real Techniques base shadow brush works well with Colourpop eyeshadows (and for packing color on the lid, those cheap little spongey applicators are amazing). But personally, I can’t just use Colourpop eyeshadows by themselves, I need to use powder eyeshadows in order for them to look well blended in my opinion. Overall they do have good pigment, and I like them but they take a bit more effort.

Now for their liquid lipsticks. I own 1 satin lip and 2 mattes. Let me start by saying, they are very drying. Obviously you could just use lip balm over them but that defeats the purpose of a matte. They also come out a little different in color but that happens with a lot of lip products. Overall they aren’t bad but way too drying to everyday. The lipstick swatches will be under the lip gloss section!

Time for lip gloss. I own 1 of their glossy lips. It’s probably one of the most pigmented lip glosses I own. Has about as much pigment as a liquid lip. But it’s comfortable to wear and has a good formula. Not super sticky like some really pigmented ones can be.

You can see there was bleeding from the lip gloss.

Ah, the famous lippie stix. I own 2. Well technically 3, if you count the primer. These actually happen to be my favorites. They’re matte without being too drying. The pigment and formula are amazing. I do have to reapply just a little bit after eating but that’s no big deal. So for the most part they are long lasting, and comfortable to wear. Keep in mind I own the primer so it may wear differently if you don’t! Swatches will be under the lippie pencils section.

Last but not least, the lippie pencils. I own 2 of their lippie pencils. To me, they are for the most part just typical lipliners. But that not a bad thing. I would recommend them, specifically ones that match the lipsticks you’d like to buy. Overall, they are very nice even though there isn’t much to say about them. 

Final thoughts? I do like Colourpop as a brand but their liquid lipsticks could be improved so they aren’t as drying. I do like the eyeshadows, but I don’t always have the time to work with them (I am a perfectionist especially with makeup and they take too much time). Their lip glosses, lippie stix, and lipliners are very nice! Definitely try everything and see what you like but I totally recommend the lip glosses, lippie stix, and lipliners.

What do you think about Colourpop? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments!


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