Mario Badescu Facial Sprays – Worth the Hype?

Ah… the famous Mario Badescu Sprays. Are they worth it? What are my thoughts? Keep reading to find out (;

Now… I’m sure we all know how hyped up the Mario Badescu sprays are, specifically the rosewater one. In my opinion, they are way overhyped. I don’t find them to be hydrating like everyone says. They just seem to do nothing special.

Now. With that being said I’m sure you’re wondering why do I have 2 full bottles and one empty one? Well I do like them for spraying my makeup sponge (I need to get a beauty blender haha). It helps to blend out my foundation and give me the coverage I want. Also if you noticed your foundation is clinging to dry patches or anything, spray some of this and pat the area. Let me know your thoughts on them by leaving a comment down below.

That’s all for today, see you in my next post! (; 


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