Essence Pure Nude Highlighter – Worth it? // I’m back!

Hey guys! Before we get into the review I’m going to give you an update on me. I’ve been gone for a long time, school has kept me fairly busy but now it’s summer. I turned 16 earlier this year. Unfortunately I failed my driving test yesterday… BY 2 POINTS. Not that bad I guess. Anyway that’s about it besides my makeup collection growing haha. Also I’m probably going to start using my pro camera for my pics on here, for some reason it took me this long to think about that lol but it won’t be until I find where I put it… yikes. Let’s get into the review!!

Okay so I have been hearing so much about the Essence Pure Nude highlighter, and decided I had to try it. Plus it’s only $4.49!

There’s a picture of the packaging. The way it opens reminds me of Becca’s Highlighters a bit.

Ignore the fall out (be careful it does have a bit), but it’s a gorgeous golden champagne color in my opinion. It’s not made to be a blinding highlight but a natural one.

Ignore my ugly nails lol but as you can tell in the swatch it is very natural and it is very beautiful on the skin. It’s not chunky glitter either thankfully! I feel like this would work on most skin tones. That’s about all I have to say about this highlighter but I do recommend it! See you guys in my next post!
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